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Larry's Hard Lemonade Expands VA Footprint Through Kroger Partnership

08.02.2022 - Hampton, VA

Larry’s Hard Lemonade announces today its newest retail partnership with leading supermarket and multi-department store chain, The Kroger Company (Kroger) to offer 4 pack, 16 fl oz cans of their Original Larry’s Hard Lemonade Flavor for consumers at 50 Kroger locations across the state of Virginia.

“To align our brand with a powerhouse retailer like Kroger is a monumental step in our organization’s growth,” said Vic Reynolds, Owner of The Original Larry’s Hard Lemonade Brewing Company. “We have been working diligently to expand the reach of Larry’s Hard Lemonade to every corner of the Virginia market and, with thanks to Kroger, that goal has now been made possible.” Reynolds continued by saying, “It has been an exciting process to see the growth of Larry’s Hard Lemonade over such a short period of time and I’m extremely proud of the direction that our Virginia-based company is moving in.”

Today’s partnership announcement marks Larry’s Hard Lemonade’s largest retail partnership to date and significantly amplifies their footprint within the Virginia market.

For those 21+, Larry’s Hard Lemonade will be available for purchase at Kroger locations across the state of Virginia starting Friday, July 29, 2022. To find our Original Larry’s Hard Lemonade Flavor at a Kroger location nearest you, please visit and use our lemonade locator.

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